E 900 (Nail Backing Coilmat)

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  • Black Red
  • Black Orange
  • Black Blue
  • Black Purple
  • Brown Biege
  • Purple Blue
  • Black Gray
  • Black


Ecoformat has been tested in accordance with VDA Standard & Specifications (German Association of the Automotive Industry).

Specifications are incorporate high-temperature hot melt technology to make strong combination of rubber on the bottom, make it difficult to separate & without pungent smell of glue.

Its FREE from specific Hazardous Chemicals.

7 certificates as below:

      1. SHAAUTO1511462602 A01
      2. SHAAUTO1508712402 A01
      3. SHAAUTO1508710802 A01
      4. SHAAUTO1511454002 A01
      5. SHAAUTO1511452702 A01
      6. CTSPN/01292/15
      7. CTSPN/01028/15

Roll Size: 1.2m x 9m

Colours 2 Tone: Black Red, Back Purple, Purple Blue, Brown Biege, Black Gray, Black Blue, Black Orange

Colour: Black