EH 4000 (2 In 1-Carpet Matting)

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  • Red
  • Grey

Grandhunts – 2 in 1 Carpet Matting

Designed For Heavy Traffic Areas

  • Newest high technology 2 in 1 carpet – Type Matting, Offers unique 2 in 1 performance of excellent water removal & dirt trapping.
  • Long lasting & Resists crushing staining, specially designed for heavy traffic aeas.
  • Offers an attractive functional solution to keep building stay clean, beautiful & safe.


0.9meter x 18meter

1.2meter x 18meter

1.8meter x 18meter

Colours: Red, Gray

Common Applications: Main Entrance, Inside Building Entrance, Hallway Areas, Toilet Entrance, Kitchen Entrance, Locker Entrance, Swimming Pools Entrance, Bar Counter Walkways, Elevators.