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Tough Rib Mat – Super Duty (Needle Rib Floor Matting)

Dedicated to trap dust and sand

  • 3300 Tough Rib is uniquely designed for heavy traffic, high soil areas.
  • With UV stabilizers, it is functional both indoors and outdoors.
  • Use Anywhere – Shopping Mall, Halls, Schools, Churches, Hospitals, Industrial Plants, Hotels, Restaurants And Laboratories.
  • “Dirt Barrier” Ribs deflect and trap traffic dirt into channels below the surface of the mat.
  • These mats have excellent water absorption and dirt concealing characteristics.
  • Friction surface insures the strong brushing action required to remove dirt and moisture.
  • Easy to clean – vacuum, sweep or hose down

Roll Size: 0.9meter x 18meter per roll

                  1.2 meter x 18meter per roll

                  1.8meter x 18 meter per roll

Colours: Red, Blue, Green, Brown, Gray, Black

Common Applications – Main Entrance, Inside Building Entrance, Hallway Areas, Interior Walkways, Toilet Entrance, Kitchen Entrance, Locker Entrance, Swimming Pools Entrance, Bar Counter Walkways, Elevators, Boats