SKAIMAT World Sdn Bhd was founded in 2000 by Mr Bernard Lew, who has more than 20 years of experience in floormat industry. Under his visionary leadership, SKAIMAT World has grown by leaps and bounds to become one of the biggest supplier and distributors of floor mat products in Malaysia.

As one of the leading producer of floor mat products that cater to nationwide dealers and end users, we have captured a niche for ourselves in the highly competitive marketplace in Malaysia by distributing upto 45% of floor mats nationwide.

To ensure we are ahead of the curve in stepping up to the market demands and expectations, SKAIMAT sources from major brands from all over the world to supply full range of floor mats to fulfill diverse market needs.

Over the span of 10 years since our incorporation, SKAIMAT World has been growing 30% annually. This is one of the important factors that motivated us to introduce our very own brands – Koymat, Cushmat and Grandhunts. Since the introduction, our house brands have gained notable popularity and a substantial reputation among dealers in the whole Malaysia.

We also established a 20,000 sqft facility with advanced production capabilities to enable us to supply a great quantity of all types of floor mat products. Besides quality products, we are also committed to assure our clients of top-notch customer service through our experienced team of qualified Sales and Technical personnel. To keep our competitive edge in the industry, we constantly upgrade our capabilities with new product knowledge, continuous improvement and market information to provide the best advice and recommendations to our customers.

PARTNERSHIP – We identified our clients needs with the greatest care and understanding. We are committed to be attentive and proactive to uphold positive partnership and reap mutual benefits for all.

EXCELLENCE – Excellence is embedded in our work culture. We produce and supply products that are functional, efficient and on par with world class quality. Also, we continue enhance this excellence through continuous improvement and development.

INITIATIVE – Effort makes all the difference. Through integrity and honesty, we strive to acquire knowledge and forge our experience in the floor mat industry. And we give all we that to achieve our vision.

CORPORATE VISION – Standing on our visionary dreams. We aim to be the leading floor mat supplier and distributor to every dealers in Malaysia and eventually throughout Asia.

CORPORATE MISSION – Steeping towards our dreams.

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